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American Born

Larry Risolio

Owner / Inventor

Risolio, began trying to problem solve the issue of dropping nuts, bolts, and fasteners while trying to start them about 20 years ago when he launched Mayday Muffler in Johnstown.


About the inventor

My name is Larry Risolio I am a lifetime mechanic and the inventor of the Fingerwrench toolset. I sat on my product for 10 years until I owned the patents.

After 40 plus attempts to get an injection molding company to make my product and get a percent of sales, they all got greedy wanting 80 % or more. So, I saved up my own money and gave my dream tool the heartbeat it needed.

Now I have solved the common problem and frustration of dropping nuts, bolts or fastener in any location, trying to start them. So, when you use the FWTool and it saves you pain or suffering or even 1 billable hour it has paid for itself.

This is a must have tool for everyone like the Philips Screwdriver. Thank you for your purchase, I am sure you will benefit from this tool like I have. LJR I own 2 patents on the FWTool. 20 years in the making.

The Finger Wrench Story

The Fingerwrench was invented after 22 years of doing auto repair and constantly struggling with trying to start a nut, bolt or fastener in a tight hard to reach location.

I wasted hours and even lost the hardware. Now with this amazing  Tool, I no longer drop nuts, bolts or lose valuable time.

With this product, if you can touch your work zone you can start it.

The Fingerwrench Tool has been designed to hold

6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10 mm 11mm 12mm 13mm 14mm 15mm

as well as

3/16 7/32 1/4 9/32 5/16 11/32 3/8 7/16 1/2 9/16

size nuts & bolts as well as round-headed fasteners.

Also, this tool has grooves for securely holding 10 12 14 16 18 20 & 22-gauge wires, for testing for power or continuity. Probe the wire not your finger when troubleshooting.

Main Reasons to Choose

With the new and improved Fingerwrench design, it makes starting a nut, bolt or fastener super easy. Get started in 3 easy steps.

Pick the right size tool that fits the size nut, bolt or fastener you are trying to start.

Loop the strap gently over the ears or tabs of the tool. 3. Slide the FingerWrench tool over your finger, thumb or extension, turn until threads start or engage, then get conventional tools and tightened to specs.

When finished, place strap back on the handy storage bar below the hook.

It’s that easy!!!

When you are finished, just store the Finger Grip Socket in the handy storage tray organizer.